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Emerge Unscathed

The patient. The lawyers. The responsible party. Numerous insurance companies. When you consider everyone involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident account, it’s no wonder these claims are so complicated and time consuming and why they can have such an adverse effect on A/R turnover.

Fortunately, there are people who are intimately familiar with the laws and procedures required to assure healthcare providers get paid for their services — Sunbelt RCM.

Early Action Keeps You Off a Collision Course with Third Party Payers

To ensure timely, maximum reimbursement, Sunbelt manages all Motor Vehicle Accident accounts immediately afterthe patient’s discharge — evaluates all available payers and aggressively pursues all available payment sources, including:

  • The patient’s Personal Injury Protection and Medical Payment Coverage
  • The responsible party’s automobile insurance policy, when applicable
  • Alternative payers such as the patient’s health insurance carrier including Medicare or Medicaid

Throughout, Sunbelt RCM works diligently to ensure all parties remain actively involved in the settlement process. And when events warrant, we protect the interests of our clients through the timely filing of liens and the procurementof enforceable letters of protection from the patients’ attorneys

Fastest Legal Way To Resolve Accident Accounts

Sunbelt RCM’s approach to Motor Vehicle Accident accounts is unique in terms of the bottom-line results we deliver, the speed and scrupulous attention we provide, and the knowledge and professionalism of our staff. Consider that:

  • Our staff is comprised of specialists – each with the experience, knowledge, and skills required to work quickly, effectively, and efficiently in the interests of our clients.
  • All accounts are worked and/or managed by an attorney with in-depth knowledge of insurance and the law — and who can ensure the timely filing of necessary legal documents.
  • Our staff is comprised of specialists – each with the experience, knowledge and skills required to work quickly, effectively and effeciently in the interests of our clients. 
  • Accounts are worked in a team-based environment with low claim-to-representative ratios in order to provide maximum results and the greatest economy

Whether you’re currently outsourcing Motor Vehicle Accident accounts or handling them in-house, we’re sure you’ll find the professionals at Sunbelt RCM can help you generate more payments faster. Let Sunbelt RCM drive down the time and resources you spend on Motor Vehicle Accident accounts and elevate reimbursement.

Let us Help

Sunbelt RCM attorneys are well versed in both federal regulations as well as specific state insurance laws and regulations governing healthcare reimbursement in all states.

We are experts at contract interpretation and calculating proper levels of healthcare reimbursement.

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