Revenue Cycle Assessment

An Unbiased Analysis of Procedures & Benchmarking to Best Practice

The purpose of Sunbelt’s Revenue Cycle Assessment is to enhance the current quality of revenue cycle services being provided by the engaging ClientSunbelt’s delivery of an unbiased, real-time analysis of existing procedures while benchmarking the resulting performance against established, nationally recognized best practice metrics, empowers the client to consider changes relative to improving outcomes and validates the success of their existing, effective operational components. 

Assessments are performed by experienced revenue cycle leaders with years of provider and consulting experience.

Sunbelt’s key role is to determine and document current performance levels and provide constructive recommendations and feedback to the client via means of post-assessment communication meetings and the delivery of a written findings report in response to the clients’ Revenue Cycle Assessment project scope.

Sunbelt agrees to conduct the assessment process in the most effective and efficient manner, in the most valuable environment, leaving the client with documentation and detail level input.  This prepares the client to develop and implement an action plan as warranted.

Areas within the revenue cycle which may be included in the assessment scope include, but are not limited to:

  • Key Performance Indicators, A/R Basics
  • Account Receivables Aging
  • Bad Debt
  • Unbilled/Discharge Not Final Billed
  • Point of Service Cash
  • Denials
  • Underpayments
  • Credit Balances
  • Billing & Claims Submission
  • Cash Posting
  • Existing Vendor Review & ROI
  • Staffing Analysis

Let us Help

Sunbelt RCM attorneys are well versed in both federal regulations as well as specific state insurance laws and regulations governing healthcare reimbursement in all states.

We are experts at contract interpretation and calculating proper levels of healthcare reimbursement.